Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Time to talk science again...

Science talks start in October…

Got around to setting up the blog. Now we can also keep up to date with climate change and cosmology.

Opening up of the northwest passage this summer was unexpected – arctic ice is melting many times faster than in the past years. The minimum for 2007 falls below the minimum set on 20-21 September 2005 by an area roughly the size of Texas and California combined, or nearly five UKs. Does this mean that we have been grossly underestimating the rate of global warming?

Other interesting news is about more evidence for dark matter in the universe – matter that we cannot directly detect with our instruments. More on this later.

From October 20, we shall look at how matter behaves at the tiny scale of atoms and molecules and the rapidly expanding discipline of nanotechnology. Nano is Greek for dwarf. This is supposed to be the next big thing and very interesting science indeed.

Pass on the blog address to your friends and neighbours!

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