Thursday, 20 September 2007

Nanotechnology talks start on October 20...


Dr Ravi Singhal

Free Science Talks for Secondary Pupils & Adults

No Science Background Needed

11 am – 12 noon on Saturdays
20, 27 October, 3, 10, 17 & 24 November 2007
James Watt Auditorium, E.K. Technology Park, G75 0QD
(Ample free parking on site)

Nanotechnology (NT) promises to be the next big thing. Nano-industry is estimated to be worth over $2000 billion by 2015. NT is engineering at the level of atoms and molecules involving dimensions 1000 times smaller than the width of a human hair - truly the science of the small! It has applications in medicine, energy, smart materials, consumer goods, defence, communications…to mention a few.
Dr Singhal will explain the science behind NT. The talks are aimed at the general audience and no prior background in science is required. The presentation is visually attractive, entertaining and thought-provoking. Dr Singhal will also discuss the serious ethical and risk issues associated with NT. There is a need for more public involvement as NT develops – understanding the science of NT is a vital first step.

In Partnership with: Glasgow University
Scottish Enterprise, Lanarkshire
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