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Science communication is important in today's technologically advanced society. A good part of the adult community is not science saavy and lacks the background to make sense of rapidly changing technology. My blog attempts to help by publishing articles of general interest in an easy to read and understand format without using mathematics. I also give free lectures in community events - you can arrange these by writing to me.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Special Theory of Relativity (Part 1) - a Course for the 'Inquisitive' Layman

The following slides present my course  on Einstein's theory of special relativity.  The slides, unfortunately, do not show animations; and my commentary, which goes with a presentation of this type, is missing.  However, I hope that I have been able to  treat the subject in a way, without using advanced mathematics, that coveys the essential excitement and principles of Einstein's work.
(Please click on a slide to view its larger image)

 The second part of my talk of STR is published in the next blog.

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