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Science communication is important in today's technologically advanced society. A good part of the adult community is not science saavy and lacks the background to make sense of rapidly changing technology. My blog attempts to help by publishing articles of general interest in an easy to read and understand format without using mathematics. I also give free lectures in community events - you can arrange these by writing to me.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

NanoTechnology for All - The Big Science of the Extremely Tiny (Talk 1)

Talk 1:  The Big Science of the Extremely Tiny

In the following 50 slides, I explain the general scale of nano objects, explain why nano objects are so highly reactive and 
give some useful applications of nano-particles

The field of nanotechnology has moved on since 2011.  I shall look at the the new advances after I have posted the slides of the 2011 talks which set out the fundamentals of nanotechnology.

Please click on a slide to view its bigger image


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