Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Topics for Climate Change talks 1 and 2

I am looking forward to the talks on Climate Change in February.

The first talk is on Tuesday 3rd February 2009 and will cover the following:

Weather and climate
Changes in climate – historic data
Ice ages
Forecast scenarios by IPCC
Energy Conservation
Changes in population, carbon dioxide and methane levels
Evidence of adverse effects of Climate Change
Global temperature rise
Reduction in Arctic ice cover
Sea level rise
Disruption of ocean currents
Disappearing fresh water supplies
More frequent heat waves
Increasing desertification
Disease carrying insects moving to colder areas
Frequent and stronger hurricanes
Reduced bio-diversity
Increase in ocean acidity affecting marine life
Increased atmospheric pollutants

The second talk is on 10th February 2009 and will cover the following:

Earth’s energy balance
Sun as the primary source of all energy
Effect of the atmosphere in warming the earth
Earth’s energy budget
Greenhouse effect
Sun spot activity
The seasons
Natural variations in the Earth’s Climate
Milankovitch cycle (100,000 years cycle)
Changes in the Earth’s tilt (41,000 years cycle)
Wobble in the Earth’s axis (22,000 years cycle)

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