Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Science For All Talks start in February.....

Atomic Nucleus and Nuclear Energy

Dr Ravi Singhal
Free Science Talks for Secondary Pupils & Adults
No Science Background Needed
11 am – 12 noon on Saturdays
16, 23 February; 1, 8 & 15 March 2008
James Watt Auditorium, E.K. Technology Park, G75 0QD
(Ample free parking on site)

Talks aimed at increasing public awareness of science, Dr. Singhal will look at the atomic nucleus. Ten thousand times smaller than the atom, the nucleus carries most of the mass. The first three talks will aim to answer some of the questions:

What is the nucleus made of?
How do we study the nucleus?
How is the nucleus held together?
What are nuclear fission and fusion?
How have nuclear applications benefited mankind?

The last two talks will look at the science of nuclear energy production. This is a topic of vigorous current debate in the U.K. and is of great public interest/concern – particularly in relation to limiting carbon emissions, securing energy supplies, nuclear waste management and safety.

The talks are designed for the general audience and no prior background in science is required. Secondary school students are especially encouraged to attend. The presentation promises to be visually attractive, entertaining and thought-provoking. The talks are free to attend.

In Partnership with: Physics Department, Glasgow University
Scottish Enterprise, Lanarkshire

Further Information: ekTalks@yahoo.co.uk

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