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Blogger Profile and Blog Index - Ravi Singhal

Blogger Profile - Ravi Singhal

2018 Publications:  

Physics of Humidity, Relative Humidity, Health Implications of Low or High Humidity

Letter Frequency in Spellings of Words and Numbers in the English Language

Math Puzzles - How logical approach makes them much more delicious

The Awesome Number 2 : Puzzles, Games, The Power of Doubling

Number Puzzles for Mental Arithmatic Enthusiasts

The Science of Hypothermia, Windchill, Frostbite

The Science of Heatstrokes (Hyperthermia) - ...

Heat given off by a human body is about 100 Watt

Galileo Galilei - Family Tree, Friends and Foes

2012 to 2017 Publications:

Courses  -  Each course is 8 to 12 hours duration.  Courses are suitable for 'inquisitive' laymen with no serious science background. Please click on a course to start:

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity - A Science Outreach Course at Strathclyde Unversity, and East Kilbride

How Old is the Milky Way and How Do We Know It?      
8 hours Outreach course

Talks -           Talks are 60 to 90 minutes duration.  
Suitable for non-specialists:

                                                           Energy from Thorium 

           The Curie Family Marie and Pierre Curie Part 1

Disruption of Fossil Fuels by Renewable Energy will Mitigate the Most Severe Effects of Climate Change - Talk at Glasgow University

Physics of Rainbows; Moonbows; Fogbows - All You Need to Know - 
an Outreach Feature for the Community

Arctic Ocean - Soaring Temp., Loss of Ice Cover - How Much and Why? What is the Future? A Community Education Feature

The Third (+ Fourth ??) Industrial (Technological) Revolution; Globalization, Global Poverty and Inequality

Disruptive Innovation - Part 1 - Why it Succeeds?, How it Spreads?, S-Curve; Transport Infrastructures to Year 2000

Disruptive Innovation - Part 2 - Electric Vehicles shall Substitute the Current 'Not Fit For Purpose' Road Transport System

Megatrends Driven by Exponentially Growing Technologies

The Uncanny Valley - Cognitive Dissonance and Meta-Communication

Will Future Water Crises Destroy Our Civilization?

Probably Not - But Only if We Start Paying Attention Now...

Future of Food; How to feed 10 billion People? 

There is Enough Food; Strong, Sensible Policies Required

Life on a Spherical, Rotating, Tilted Earth - Curved 2D Space - Fascinating Insights into Geometry, Climate, Weather, Seasons, Gravity ...

Parallax - Measuring Distances to Stars; Visual Depth Perception, View from Moving Trains; Locating Virtual Images

Space Colonization - A Realistic Assessment of the Current Status

Hype About Space Colonization - A community Outreach Talk

General essays/blogs/opinion:

Why do we always see the same side of the Moon?...

Curious History of the Leap Year....

How much heat is given off by a human...

Magical Number 1001 - Maths Game to Wow

Another Step towards Achieving Artificial General Intelligence: AlphaGo triumphs over the World Champion of the Game GO

Future of Privacy - Threats to and Erosion of Privacy in the 21st Century (Part 2)

Optogenetics - Controlling Neurons with Light - a Way to Understand Brain Circuit Organisation?

Human DNA Radiation Tolerance is Increased by the 

Unique Protein in Water Bears (Tardigrade)

Hi-Tech Wearable Clothing can Save Energy on Space Heating/Cooling 

in the Winter/Summer: Personal Thermal Management

Older activity prior to 2012 is not listed here but may be accessed by going to the main page and selecting publications for the year

I am really interested to hear your views about matters relating to science.  
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